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We strengthen the 4 important pillars of the school

 Pillar ONE

How well do you organise your school?

Streamlining your entire operations

 Pillar TWO

How well do you advertise your school?​

Reach out to your target audience

 Pillar THREE

How well do you teach at your school?

Enhance student’s learning capabilities

 Pillar FOUR

How well can you budgetize your school?

Monitor your income and expenses

Schools that Trust eShaala

Digital transformation of schools is not a choice, but a necessity.

We promise a complete digital transformation that will increase the Awareness, Profit, and Productivity of our schools.

Track your student's educational journey from enrolment to alumni

Managing real-time data in an effective way.

With 40+ modules, make your school contactless and paperless

No more pen, paper, excel sheet & WhatsApp

10x better and 1/10th cost of existing solutions

Our eShaala software is equipped with all the features that would logically manage your school, which will save time and money.

Data Security

Your school data on your server, with SSL encryption

As per Government Norms

Customised reports as per UDISE, SARAL & Others

Under your School Name

Google Rank + Website + ERP + eClass + APP + eMail + Analytics

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Deliver an End-to-End Digital transformation to your school

Our Cloud integrated software helps in seamless, efficient, smooth and quick operation. 

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