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5 Fun Activities That You Can Do at Home with Your Kids

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Children get new experiences during indoor fun activities. Whether there are painting, exploring new objects or DIY there is something that children will learn from it. Activities like yoga and role-playing provides them with new experiences of handling different situations. These experiences help to build their social skills. Children also become more confident individuals. They become open to experimenting with new play surroundings.

How can one explore a coconut through the five senses?

Exploring coconuts with a super simple five senses activity helps kids to understand our five senses, get familiar with descriptive words and engage in higher level thinking

  • (Sense of Sight) What do you see when you look at this coconut? What are those three things? (pointing out the eyes of coconut)
  • (Sense of Touch) How does the coconut feel? Is it rough or smooth?
  • (Sense of Sound) What do you hear when you shake the coconut?
  • (Sense of Smell) What does it smell like?
  • (Sense of Taste) What does the coconut taste like?

Have you and the kids every tried a five senses activity like this one?

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