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8 Ways Teachers Can Make Extra Money

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We know teachers shouldn’t have to work a second job. But in these times of uncertainty and school closures—and with summer on the horizon—we wanted to share options of completely legitimate and creative ways teachers can make extra money.

1. Sell your lesson plans.

Internet has changed the way teachers share their content. Chances are you’ve downloaded something from google or whatsapp by yourself. So why not take your great lessons and put them on internet, too? Here’s a better platform to design and sell your courses with Squadl eClass. We hope it helps you.

2. Try tutoring online

Enhance student learning across curriculum areas. Choose from over a dozen popular video conferencing apps that helps you to connect with any students anywhere and anytime

3. Write an e-book.

Do you have an amazing curriculum that people are always asking you for? Maybe it’s time to write an e-book and share your wealth of knowledge while increasing your monetary wealth a bit. Kindle Direct Publishing  is a good way to do this because then your work is available to the numerous of your students affordable price. 

4. Sell and shared your notes.

As a teacher, you have no doubt written loads of study notes, lecture notes, study guides or practice quizzes. As the rightful owner of your study work, you can turn your resources into a source of income by selling them to the students on your website or through Squadl eClass. Simply upload your document(s) make accessible to the students through and charged accordingly.

5. Sell your own teaching talent

Experiences are the next big thing, with people offering their expertise directly to consumers. Connect yourself with online content providers like unacademy or byjus where you can showcase your teaching talent and earn good.

6. Promote yourself on

Yes, please. We are always open to writers.  Here’s a platfrom where to can share your opinions, moral, code of conduct  experience, journeys etc to aspiring teachers. So write an article about you and get familiar with the others inspiring role model. Content is king and you should definitely make use of it. No one knows more about education than the teachers themselves.

That being said, why not ask the teachers to contribute to the school’s blog and write for education website? People do not have much time to search for content related to educations and they wanted to know the it as soon as possible. gives an opportunity to every educator to share and write latest educational posts buzzing around the globe. Do not be afraid to ask for professional help. The writing will be Not-for-profit

7. Write for other educational websites or companies

We say “other” in a loving way. There are lots of websites out there needing freelancers and companies looking for curriculum writers. Go to your favorite educational publisher or company and ask if they’re looking for teacher writers. Warning: Not all of these opportunities pay the greatest, but they could be a good way to get your foot in the door.

8. Open an Etsy shop.

Are you that teacher who has a perfect classroom and is just naturally crafty or artsy? Take that talent to Etsy. We recommend specializing in a craft to start with. This way you can build up your reputation and ranking in Etsy search. We also recommend doing a little research first so that you’re not offering something that many people already do.

credit: weareteachers

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