Can you explain the ozone layer with the help of an umbrella? (3/6)

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Have you ever gotten sunburned? Playing outside in the sun for too long without sunscreen can turn your skin red and make it painful to touch. Sunscreen is a protective coating that you put on your skin to block the sun’s harmful rays. Did you know that the earth wears sunscreen? Earth’s sunscreen is called the ozone layer.

Let’s travel to the ozone layer to see it up close. Up, up we go. We had to fly many miles into the sky, but we finally reached the ozone layer. What? You don’t see anything? Well, that’s because the ozone layer is an invisible layer of protective gases that circle the earth.

The ozone layer sits between the Sun and us. Without the Sun’s warmth, it would be too cold to live on Earth, but the Sun also gives off harmful ultraviolet rays, or UV rays for short. These rays are what cause sunburn. They can also hurt your eyes, cause skin cancer, and make it hard for plants to grow.

Luckily, the ozone layer stops most of the harmful UV rays from hitting Earth, while letting the warm sunshine pass through.

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